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DVR and Video Capture Product

Richnex provides a range of solutions to enable the surveillance DVR and video capture products.

1280H Extended D1 (XD1), 960H Wide D1 (WD1) and 720H D1 Decoding

Richnex decoders can support video input with three horizontal resolutions, 1280H, 960H and 720H, all in mutually compatible NTSC or PAL CVBS format. Pairing with a 1280H video camera (e.g. cameras with ISP chip FH8523, FH8526, etc), the decoder offers high definition video quality while maintains all benefits experienced in conventional analog surveillance system: compatibility, low cost, long transmission distance, no video latency, ease of use and maintenance that other system like network camera/recorder lacks.

Integrated Video Encoder and Audio Codec

All video decoder products include integrated multi-channel audio codec to support audio recording and playback in a DVR. Some product also includes 960H encoder function to allow video playback through the decoder chip.

Smallest Package Footprint

4-ch and 8-ch decoder are both available in a small QFN-56 (footprint 7mm x 7mm) package. This low pin count, small footprint and 4-ch/8-ch pin compatible package can easily meet designs requiring 2-layer PCB with area constraint even in most demanding USB capture card or vehicle DVR applications.